Contractor Plan Set Includes ..................

1.  Exterior perspective showing the complete exterior.

2.  Exterior elevation views.

3.  Interior elevation views of kitchen & bath cabinets.

4.  Interior perspective of any 4 rooms of your choice.

5.  Floor plan with necessary dimensions.

6.  Typical building sections as needed.

7.  Written specifications.

8.  A memory device with plan files, for Chief Architect, and the final plans in PDF format so you can print them in any quantity and size needed.


1.  Foundation plan.  Most contractors will want an engineered plan.   If engineered plan is not required we can produce a foundation plan at extra cost.

2.  Plot plan.  If required, we can produce a plot plan with house placement, if you send use the plot data.  And yes, a little extra cost.




We calculate the cost of our plans service based on the size of your home. We use the total heated and cooled area, HVAC, in square footage multiplied by our rate.  It does not matter how long it takes or how many changes are requested.  We do use a one page Agreement to Design describing the payment schedule.  You may quit the process at any time before investing more money.  A 20% down payment is required.


                  Normal Rate is      $  1.75 Per square foot.





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We begin the design process for your house plans with a one hour FREE consultation.  We design your home together using data sheets as a quick way to identify and collect house plan information.  Our payment schedule allowys you to stop the process at any time.  Your satisfaction is our goal in developing a house plan that meets the needs you identify.