Welcome, Let us help you design your new home  in 3D Color!

Family Room
Family Room

We plan your home together to meet your specifications.  A discount may apply to those qualified. With our Chief Architect 3D software you can see interior and exterior 3D views of the entire house. Our home plans and floor plans are quality house designs for your new home.


Kitchen & Living Area
Kitchen & Living Area

JmHousePlans.com will collect your house plan ideas, with our interview sheet, and produce a set of contractor style construction blueprints.  You will be in complete control of the process with review and plan changes free according to our fee schedule.


We develop your house plans together.  We are happy to have you sit with use in or office and discuss every detail of the plans.  If you cannot meet with us we can exchange information by E-Mail and pdf files until your plans are complete.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Bath Room
Bath Room


 1.  DISCOUNT for victims of wild fire, other disasters, Firemen, Law Enforcement, Teachers & Preachers

2.  30 Years experience, over 200 homes in Texas!

3.  One hour Free Consultation.

4.  We design your home together, in our office or by e-mail exchange.

5.  See your home in 3D before it is built.

6.  Remodels and additions to your specifications.


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We begin the design process for your house plans with a one hour FREE consultation.  We design your home together using data sheets as a quick way to identify and collect house plan information.  Our payment schedule allowys you to stop the process at any time.  Your satisfaction is our goal in developing a house plan that meets the needs you identify.