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Jerry MyCue has completed over 300 Custom House Plans.  Experience as a teacher, contractor, carpenter, floor mechanic, counter top installer,  steel mill worker, draftsman, computer Cadd instructor and dishwasher have provided a variety of opportunities to relate to people and help them solve problems.  Married to a wonderful wife, Carol, two grown children and 3 grandsons  keep our free time occupied.  With the economy and the draught in Texas we have more free time than we might want!

Jerry & Carol
Jerry & Carol

With the help of my wonderful wife, Carol, we are enjoying some of the benefits of growing older, like waking up!  Carol works on the interior design aspects for our clients while I work on the technical details.  We have been together 57 years and are looking for more.

Jerry MyCue House Plans

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We begin the design process for your house plans with a one hour FREE consultation.  We design your home together using data sheets as a quick way to identify and collect house plan information.  Our payment schedule allowys you to stop the process at any time.  Your satisfaction is our goal in developing a house plan that meets the needs you identify.